Terms and conditions of business influencing sales of Garage doors


General terms and conditions of business offered by manufacturers and dealers are influencing the sale of Garage Doors. Most manufacturers of garage doors sell their products either online or through a network of dealers or using a combination of both. The end goal of determining a sale cum marketing channel is to ensure that the garage doors reach the end users in the most economical and efficient way and at the lowest possible price. For manufacturers, it is important that their garage doors are available to residents in all parts of the country and that is why they try and ensure that a dealer is appointed in all the major cities of the country and in some large cities more than one dealer is appointed.

In cases where manufacturers sell their garage doors online, they ensure that the delivery and logistics network is good and reliable, so that residents get their garage doors in time and in a safe condition. Mostly online sales are used in those cases where there is no dealer in the city and residents have no other choice than to order online.

While the end price of the garage door is usually the same whether it is being sold online or through a dealer, a difference in prices sometimes appears when there is an online promotion going on. This can happen in multiple ways:

  • Either a limited period sale of garage doors
  • or a flat discount of say 10% or 15% on prices of garage doors
  • or free delivery and installation charges
  • or a higher period of warranty from say 2 years to 4 years on all types of garage doors
  • or one window frame free with the sale of every garage door
  • or 2 garage doors free with the sale of every 3 garage doors

All garage door manufacturers like to maximize their sales and chose the option that best suits their business interests – whether online or through a dealer network. At the end of the day, it is the number of units sold that matters.

For resident who are the consumers of garage doors, the situation is the reverse. They prefer to buy from the source that offers them the best garage door and associate services that accompany it at the best possible price – whether it is through an online purchase or through a dealer network, it is irrespective.  For some residents price is not as important as making sure that they see the product before they buy it. For this group, online sales are an absolute no-no as they prefer to touch the material and see the garage door in its full shape and form before ordering it.

At the end of the day it is a combination of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the comfort level of buying the garage door that makes the difference whether the sale of Garage door happens through online sales channel or through the traditional sales channel of dealers. As can be seen from the above, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

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