Simple Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips


Garage door protects your home, vehicles and belongings from anti-social and weather elements. However, it is not uncommon to see your garage doors reporting some simple problems from time to time. While complicated issues will require a professional intervention by experts, you can rectify some simple and common troubles yourself. Read on these simple tips to see your garage door keep running smoothly for a long time.

Power outage
If the power goes off when the garage door is in shut position and your car is inside, you might wonder how to take your car out. Never panic. You will find a red handle dangling down from the garage door guide track. The opener uses this for opening and closing the door. This is also a manual override. When pulled, it will let you operate the door manually.

Garage Door is frozen out
Sometimes, extreme cold weather can stiffen the garage door opener mechanism making it lose its power. The garage door openers feature pressure adjustments for raising and lowering the door. During the seasonal changes, you can adjust these settings to let the door operate smoothly.

Garage Door sags
Older model garage doors are susceptible to getting ravaged by time and gravity. If you find your garage door sagging, you can square them up with tension rods found on the back of the door. You will find them fixed diagonally from the top to the bottom corners. You can tighten them at a turnbuckle for straightening the door. Do this gradually for the door to adjust to the changes. If your garage doors do not have tension rods, you can buy them from convenient stores.

Garage door not locking
Often the safety and security of the home is at stake when the garage door does not lock. Usually most kind of garage doors come with two horizontal bars that are set to move out from the door center into the slots fund along the door sides in the door track. This is meant to lock the door. If these bars get out of position over time, the garage door will not lock as they lose their alignment with the locking slots. To rectify this, you can unscrew the guide brackets on the door edges to make them loose enough to move and reposition them in order to get them perfectly aligned to the locking slots. If you lubricate the locking mechanism with engine oil, your job is done.

The time to call professionals
The smaller troubles discussed so far can be fixed by yourself with some simple tricks and items bought from stores. However, the more complicated issues with regard to garage doors must be rectified with the help of professionals. Some heavy components of garage doors and technical components like garage door springs are under heavy tension. Any attempt to release them will cause a serious injury or even death. Therefore leave the complicated garage door repairs to professionals. It is always best to sign up for an annual maintenance contract with garage door repair Calgary companies so that they can inspect the door from time to time and carryout the regular maintenance tasks.

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