Signs That Tell You To Replace Your Old Garage Door


Garage doors are crucially important components of every home or property. While you are undertaking the regular home maintenance, you cannot overlook the garage door. It is very important that you keep your garage door in a good and efficient working condition. Besides helping you improve the curb appeal of your home, Garage doors Mississauga also help in storage. Never take them for granted. Neglecting their maintenance can lead to expensive repairs. Here are the signs that tell you that it is time to replace your old garage door.

Broken hinges, wires or handles

If you see your garage door with broken parts, then it is a sure indication that you must replace your door. Know that besides affecting the smooth functioning of the garage door, the broken parts also pose a safety hazard to your family members, belongings and pets.

Noisy doors

Often you might find that your garage door has developed some unusual noises while being operated. Such unusual noises are indication that your garage door operation mechanism has suffered a serious problem which you must now check for repair or replacement. If the sounds are much louder than normal, it could also mean some mechanical issues. If you overlook the need of replacing your garage door, you might land on serious troubles risking expensive problems.

The door has a lot of dents and dings

It is natural that over a period of usage, garage doors develop some simple dents and dings. At times, the garage door might suffer the impact of the bumps and bruises due to accidental collisions with vehicles, the toys of children or the actions of the nature. Over a period of time, such impacts will let your garage door suffer a serious setback in performance and looks.

The door is sagging

Wooden doors must be treated from time to time. If this is not done, they might begin to rot due to exposure to the weather and other natural elements. If you find the wood sagging, it could indicate that the wood has gone weak and is about to collapse. If the wood is soft and damp, it might also attract insects, termites and others risk factors.

Outdated style

The looks and technology of the garage doors have got sophisticated over the years. If the looks of your garage door appear outdated, it might impact on the property value. While selling your home, this might affect the pricing of the property. Also, since garage doors are the first components of the homes when looked from outside, it is important that you ensure they are good to look at. Therefore especially when you have plans to sell your house, it is better to replace the garage door if it looks outdated.

Safety aspects and energy efficiency

These days no one is interested in opening the door manually. The garage doors of today feature some sophisticated safety features. Some advanced garage doors of these days can also detect vehicles, people and fingers. Also, if your garage door does not have energy efficient features like insulation, weather strips and bottom seals, then it is time to update your garage door or replace it for a new and better looking garaged door.

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