Garage door manufacturers riding high on increased demand for custom garage doors made of wood and metal


Manufacturers of Garage doors are having a great time thanks to an ever increasing demand for garage doors from the community. While it is not possible to attribute the reasons for the spurt in demand, experts are of the view that it is a host of factors that are collectively responsible for this trend. Notable amongst these are a spate in the number of thefts and burglaries around the cities of Austin and San Antonio that are pushing residents to be more aware of their neighborhood and go in for advanced security systems including garage doors.

While most residents use their garages to park their cars in, there are an equally large number of people who use their garages to store their valuables. While their vehicles are protected because they are locked and have the latest gadgets that ensure security, it is the valuables that are vulnerable and need to be protected. As per police records most burglars break into homes after breaking through the garage doors and hence it is important to build garage doors of from a substance that is strong and durable.

There are different substances available in the market today from which garage door are manufactured. These substances range from metal garage door to wooden garage doors to hybrid garage doors. Hybrid garage doors are those that are a mix of wood and metal. Metal garage doors are very strong and come in different colors and finishes. The finishes range from matt and gloss finishes to polished and colored substances. Sometimes metal garage doors are also spray painted and at times also polished in gold or silver or with an antique Victorian look. Some metal garage doors are made of galvanized iron and are given an anti rust coating to ensure that they don’t rust and have a long life.

Wooden doors are mostly made of different types of woods such as oak, redwood, pine, birch or cedar. Wooden doors though quite expensive are very artistic looking and elegant. Some manufacturers also have engravings done on the doors that give them an antique look and make them appear as garage doors from a bygone era.

The trend these days is to order custom garage doors that are based on the individualized tastes and preferences of residents. This happens because if a resident has a cream colored house, then the resident would prefer to have a door that matches with this color. In case the resident has a lot of wood work items in the house, then the resident would like to have a wooden door and if the items in the house are engraved, the resident would also like engraving on the garage door, so that it matches with the rest of the items.

In order to make customized garage doors, manufacturers usually prefer to engage with residents on a one-to-one basis. This happens through visits to the showrooms of the manufacturers where residents can see the full range of the garage doors and then come up with their requirements.

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