Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Preventing Any Repairs


Garage Door Maintenance Tips For Preventing Any Repairs

Once the garage doors are installed, homeowners cannot just forget about them. They need regular maintenance for good working. If this aspect is overlooked, it might lead to the doors landing on some troubles that will become expensive in the long run. Here are the top garage door maintenance tips that every homeowner must know for avoiding any repairs.

Inspect the door
Observe the garage door in action every time while operating it. If it is moving smoothly, it is ok, if it is jerking, then it is a matter of concern. If the door is not operating silently and make grinding or scraping noise, then you must attend to it. Also check if the springs, cables and pulleys on either side look symmetrical.

Tighten the hardware
Usually a garage door goes up and down several hundreds of times a year. Since there is a lot of vibrations and movements, it might lead to the loosening of the hardware components. So, check the roller brackets and bolts with a socket wrench.

Check the balance
The garage door that is not well balanced will have to work harder and cannot last for long, so, ensure this aspect and set it right by adjusting. When you disconnect the opener by pulling the release handle and move the door manually half the way through. If it does not stay put, then the implication is that the counterweight system is not properly balanced and you must get it adjusted with professionals.

Lubricate the moving parts
It is a must to keep the garage door parts well-greased to ensure years of seamless operation. In a year, you just have to spend about 10 minutes for this purpose. You must lubricate the opener’s chain or screw with lithium grease and coat the overhead springs with a spray lubricant which you might get from a garage door specialist.

Inspect the cables
Tinkering with a high tension cables is never advisable since they are under a heavy pressure and can maim to cause a severe damage. If the strands are broken or damaged near the bottom roller bracket, you need to rectify it.

Check the auto-reverse safety features
You need to check the working of the mechanical as well as the photocell mechanisms. For the purpose of testing the mechanical feature, you can place a brick or wood on the ground in the path of the garage door. Check if the garage door reverses and moves up automatically while touching the object. If you close the door and pass your leg in the path of the door, it must reverse. If these workings are not up to the mark, get them repaired by trained technicians.

Clear the tracks
Ensure that the tracks located on either side of the door are clear from debris and dirt. Clean the tracks with a clean cloth by wiping. Any major adjustments to tracks if needed must be accomplished by professionals.

Replace the rollers if needed
Usually the rollers are made of steel or nylon. You must check their condition at least twice in a year and replace if they are worn out.

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