Custom Garage Doors getting increasingly popular thanks to online product catalogues


Custom Garage doors are very popular in the US because of the purpose they serve and the needs of the market that they satisfy. The name Garage Doors is itself synonymous with what a garage door does and what purpose it serves. Garage doors are used in garages to serve as the entry and exit points for vehicles as well as for security and protection. Households and families in the US use garages for parking their vehicles so that they are protected from vagaries and the elements of nature. Garage doors therefore cover the garages and reinforce the security.

Homeowners have multiple choices when it comes to ordering garage doors. The diversity in choice relates to the following factors:

  • Type of Garage door
  • Material or substance of Garage door
  • Colour of garage door
  • Design on the garage door
  • Durability of the garage door
  • Warranty on the garage door
  • Price of the garage door

Households and families consider all of the above factors when measuring and evaluating different garage doors to determine which one is the best for them.

Manufacturers of garage doors therefore usually have to maintain different manufacturing lines open and also need keep a large inventory of garage doors with them so that they are able to fulfill the orders of their customers in a timely and proper way.

In order to make their customers aware of their product offerings garage door manufacturers maintain product catalogues, price lists and general terms of business for B2B or B2C sales. Catalogues are either maintained in printed form or in electronic format. In the earlier days catalogues used to be printed in 4 color on expensive glossy or matt finish art paper but nowadays it is very expensive to produce such catalogues and so manufacturers refrain from it. Rather as most consumers now use the internet to inform themselves about garage doors and where they are available and what price, manufacturers prefer to maintain websites through which they can not only inform users about their company but also create different pages that inform users of different facets of their business namely:

  • Company history and background
  • Management team
  • Product offerings – Garage doors
  • Manufacturing process of garage doors
  • Catalogue of garage doors and price list
  • Portfolio or Gallery of garage doors with detailed photographs of Garage doors and ability to zoom in on the picture of the garage door, rotate it or magnify it
  • Videos of garage doors
  • Feature to download the pictures, save them as PDFs, comment on them or share them with others.

In this way manufacturers and dealers of garage doors are able to capitalize their presence on the Internet and provide optimized services to their potential customers and improve and increase their experience of browsing or shopping online. Improve experience of users has helped Garage door companies increase their top-line and bottom-line and maximize their ROI.

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