Consistent trend in user perceptions for garage doors


User perceptions about Garage door vary. While the countryside folks, large estate owners and residents living in rich suburbs find them an absolute necessity, it is not the same case with working people living in apartments in large cities for whom garage doors may either come very low on the priority list or may not appear in the list at all.

Owners of large estates have multiple entrances and exit points and therefore to manage the inflow and outflow of vehicles and humans into and from the estate, garage doors are required. As the estates are large and the owners are well off and rich folks, garage doors need to be of a high quality and style so that they are able to keep up with the image and reputation of the estate owners. Manufacturers therefore make sure that they understand this user perception and present only those types of garage doors to the estate owners that are of a high quality and workmanship and fit with this user segment.

Manufacturers of garage doors are mostly in agreement with this type of market segmentation. The same goes for dealers of ready-to-use garage doors. Having worked in the garage door industry for decades both manufacturers and dealers are extremely knowledgeable about the dynamics of the industry and the market forces that influence the demand and supply of garage doors. The extent of their knowledge can be gauged from the fact that just by looking at the photograph of a garage door they can quickly rattle out all the details of the garage doors mainly:

  • Whether the garage door is wooden or made out of metal.
  • If the garage door is made of wood, then whether it is Oak, Redwood, Pine, Fir or Birch
  • If the garage door is in metal, whether it is Steel, Aluminum, galvanized Iron or any other metal
  • What type of coating or engraving is done on the garage door?
  • In which year was the garage door manufactured?
  • Who is the likely manufacturer of the garage door?
  • What is the approximate price of the garage door?

Durability of garage doors is another perception that runs large with users. Irrespective of the fact whether garage doors are made of wood or metal, one fact that is clear is that they have to be durable. As the life of a garage door is more than 30-40 years, manufacturers need to ensure that the garage doors are heavy and strong. While this might not be important criteria for apartment owners, it is certainly one of the top most criteria for estate owners.

Branded garage doors are another user perception that influences market demand. For apartment owners this becomes important as they need to ensure that what they have in their house is better than their neighbor’s. The more popular and well known a brand is, the higher are the chances of its usage and demand. That is why dealers of garage doors tend to stock more and more varieties of branded garage doors.

June 11, 2015 |

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